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You don’t know which Young Professionals programme would be right for you?

You don't know how to shift your efforts to get your breakthrough in the aid and development industry? 


With us, you’re in the right place!



Use the only online CAREER STRATEGY TOOL 

specifically dedicated to young professionals

to avoid time-wasters and pitfalls, and launch a rewarding career in the aid and development sector today.


What is it?


It’s an innovative career guidance system, allowing you to:

1) share your career challenges or expectations with an HR specialist of the industry,

2) evaluate to what extent your current profile is aligned with your career goals, and

3) define a blended career strategy combining training, coaching, and acquiring key experience, primarily through volunteering.


How will you benefit from this planning tool?


The objective is to equip young professionals like yourself with proven tools that could help increase your chances to be noticed by recruiters from the industry and finally get a foot in the door. Yes, we’ve all been there, and it can be daunting – but with dedication and the right strategy, you might likely to get in.


How do I register?


Follow this five-step program to get closer to a career in aid and development:

Step 1 – Register to our program (click here). Registion is FREE!

Step 2 – Provide information to build your profile:

  • Confirm your career development needs to facilitate future communication with our experts.
  • Upload your CV
  • Share your LinkedIn URL

Step 3 – If you meet the eligibility criteria and provide the required documents/information, you will be invited to take part in an introduction coaching session with one of our experts.  

Step 4 – Book a date for the above complimentary consultation using our online calendar.

Step 5 – Get preliminary advice on a career planning strategy relevant to your needs – you’ll either be referred to one, more, or all the following services, as appropriate:

  • CV review,
  • additional coaching sessions,
  • training courses or programmes depending on your career needs, and/or professional opportunities that might boost your chances of being noticed by recruiters.


Are you ready?

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Disclaimer. This is a complimentary introduction career development guidance service referring users to further services that will ensure best results to launch their career in the humanitarian aid and development industry. The objective is to identify the components of a career planning strategy so that you know how to take it from here – either through our expertise (as per rates reasonably priced in accordance with the aid and development industry standards) or on your own, should this introduction has sufficiently helped you clarify what next steps you should be taking.