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Shaping the next generation of aid and development professionals is at the core of our mission. Career-savvy young talents, such as yourself, have benefited from 1:1 support from AidCareers to guide them along the key stages of their journey towards building a career in this fascinating industry.

Career stage #1 | Get support to kick start your career

There is no better advisor on aid and developmnt careers than an HR expert with strong experience of the sector. Be inspired to become a humanitarian aid and development professional and learn crucial information that would make a difference in your ability to have a breakthrough in the industry.

It’s best for:

  • Students looking to get a specialization in aid and development-related field
  • Young professionals with no or little experience who would like to know what it takes to work in aid and development
This is what your peers have to say

"During my last year of graduate studies, I was hesitating between two majors. I studied lots of free resources I could find online to understand the industry better, but finally opted to follow an organized approach to help me launch my career in this sector."

Katarina, Student in International Relations (Germany)

  • Knowledge of the aid and development careers landscape (e.g., actors, sectors, work settings etc.)
  • Confidence to take the right academic decision to kick start a career in aid and development

Career stage #2 | Take a run-up to develop your career

It is possible to stand out from the crowd despite high competition. An HR expert with strong expertise of strengthening the skills and competencies of aid and development professionals, is the best equipped to guide you during the recruitment process. Whether you apply to young professionals programmes available in some organizations of the industry or would like to get support to apply to your 'dream job', the support you would get from us would make a difference to gain valuable aid and development experience.

It’s best for:

  • Young graduates and young professionals with no to little experience of aid and development looking at launching their career in this sector
  • Candidates to a highly competitive process for entry-level positions and internships, with either the United Nations or non-UN organizations
  • Candidates totheir dream job or a covetedposition with their employer of choice
This is what your peers have to say

"When I saw an opening as a JPO in Child Development I knew that I would need help to stand out from the crowd. I learned how to draft an application that recruiters of this sector actually want to read - An eye-opening experience for drafting successful applications!"

Ludmila, Child Advocacy Specialist (Sierra Leone)

  • Knowledge of the components of a successful application
  • Confidence to apply to positions that match your profile; Confidence to put yourself forward with a good strategy

Career stage #3 | Jump start your career for new challenges

You can evolve in the industry, walking up the ladder, without internal connections. Learn strategies from a career development expert, knowledgeable of the skills and competencies to support your career move to the next level.

It’s best for:

  • Young professionals of the aid and development sector who are willing to take their career to the next level
  • Young professionals from another industry who would like to transition their career to the aid and development sector
This is what your peers have to say

"I've been thinking about changing careers for a few years - the aid and development industry was ideal as it alines with my values. We went through where I stand in my career and how the competencies I acquired in the pricate sector could be used as an asset for this sectot. I felt more confident in my choice and prepared for tough interview questions."

Ahmad, Guarantee Analyst (Pakistan)

  • Assessment of strengths and growth areas; Development of a career development plan to strengthen your profile as a young professional
  • Confidence of having a 'structured career-breakthrough strategy' tailored to the aid and developmet industry

Our conversations lead to proven career growth

Gain confidence. Make better choices. Become a professional with purpose.

Meet your trusted career advisor

Belinda Lefebvre is the founder of AidCareers; the first online career platform created by and for the next generation of talents of the aid and development sector. With a decade of experience of human resources management helping nonprofit organizations build senior leadership and career development, she has recently focused her area of work on emerging leaders of the aid and development industry launching innovative programmes tailored to young professionals’ needs.

A lawyer by training, she has experience of the United Nations system, having served as a leadership expert for various UN entities such as the Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the Department of Peace and Peacebuilding Operations (DPPO), the Department of Peace Operations, and the Department of Operational Support (DOS). She has also gained a sound understanding of the Red Cross movement and fieldwork experience with international health and emergency relief NGOs in the Middle East and Central Asia.

Having done this journey herself – launching her career through a highly competitive entry-level programme, transitioning from the private sector to the international public sector, and setting up career development programmes which had helped hundreds of professionals take their aid and development career to the next level, Belinda Lefebvre is one of the best talent development experts who can truly spill the secrets on what it really takes to make it in the sector.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do conversations typically last?

    A call will last 45 minutes. Whilst each conversation is bespoke, they tend to be structured around your challenges and goals (e.g. questions to be answered, request for information).
  • How should I prepare for these conversations?

    Ahead of these calls, you will be invited to take a step back on your profile and your career as a young professional. For those looking for advice on their application, you will be invited to share your résumé and cover letter beforehand.
  • Can the conversations be conducted other than in English?

    Yes - for the moment, conversations can be in either French or English at your convenience. Other languages would be offered in the future.
  • What extra resources will I gain?

    Each participant will get access to the following resources, free of charge or at a preferential rate:
    • “Five-Step Guide to Find your First Job in Aid and Development”; the first book of our ‘Coach in A Book Series’ which has been praised by many young professionals interested in launching their career in aid and development for the depth of its strategies and straight-forward approach (Value: USD 25)
    • One follow-up email exchange to evaluate how more strategic your approach to aid and development career planning has become
    • Discount for future conversations leading to more career growth
    • Priority access to our coming Career Planning Programme – don’t miss on the opportunity as the waiting list is growing for this pioneer tool specifically addressing the needs and challenges of aid and development young professionals.
  • What device or software do I need?

    You won't need to install anything! All you need is a phone or a computer with internet connection.
  • What is the location of these conversations?

    There is no physical location for these conversations. Everything is discussed by online call.
  • What about the payment?

    This service is currently set to USD 65 as a promotion rate. Please be aware as this is only an introductory offer that is bound to increase in the next month as we will be updating our offering. Don't miss this opportunity!