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Complete PMI PMP® Certification Exam Preparation Course

Udemy / Yoda Learning & Rishabh Pugalia
Learn PMP with real world example on project management. We have made this fast paced PMP® Training course for professional who wish to learn about project management as well as for those who are planning to appear for PMP Examination.

This course is not like other courses where trainers just read the slide and explain theoretical concept about PMP. (Source: Udemy)


Introduction to Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam

Udemy / Eng. Bayhas Al Sawady
Even wondered how big companies choose their Project Managers? In this course, you will be introduced to eye-opening concepts of Project Management. This course will help you understand why some projects fail, and why others succeed, and you will be able to identify project management life cycle and processes as well as organizational influences.

This FREE course is a quick introduction to the PMP course, meant to explain the basic concepts of Project Management, starting from defining the main terms used in the field such as: project, program, portfolio, as well as the link to strategic planning.

The course illustrates Project Management Triangle (Scope, Time, and Cost), in addition to the core and supporting knowledge areas a Project Manager should master. It also covers the project life cycle and phases as well as organizational influences on managing projects, including organizational cultures, communications, structures. Furthermore, it gives you an overview of Project Management process groups and interaction forms among them. (Source: Udemy)


PMP Exam Prep – Integration Management and Project Selection

Udemy / Makes Things Easier
This course is designed to help PMP Aspirants to answer all questions from Project Integration Management Knowledge Area and it’s six processes BASED ON 5TH EDITION OF PMBOK as well as Mathematical problems from Project Selection Methods. (Source: Udemy)

PMP Exam Prep: Earn Your PMP Certification

Udemy / Joseph Phillips
You need to pass the PMP® exam and you need quality training that’ll help you in your role as a project manager. You also want to learn from an authority in project management, in an online environment with plenty of exercises, videos, and concise explanations. This course provides 35-contact hours of project management education and is taught by project management author and expert Joseph Phillips.

The 35 contact hours of project management education are earned by completing all of the course videos AND all the interactive video sessions in the course. The Learning Management System tracks your completion of the course; if you complete all the videos and interactive sessions, you can claim these educational hours for your PMP exam application! (Source: Udemy)


PMP: Project Management Professional 2017 Exam Prep

Udemy / Ucertified 24,000+ Students
This course is a practice simulation test to help you test your knowledge in PMP® before submitting the real exam. Therefore, we expect that you have attended the 35-hour course and studies the PMBOK® before proceeding with the simulation test.

The practice test is quiz alike with multiple choice answers including an explanation. As well, we have provided a video version of those exams that can be downloaded from the mobile application for people traveling on a train, plane and requires access during their trip. (Source: Udemy)


PMP® Exam Prep Overview

Udemy / KnowledgeWoods
Suitable for PMP® Aspirants, through this course of 26 lectures and 31 minutes of content, you’ll learn all of the PMP® Exam Essentials and establish a strong understanding of Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs which is the core of PMP® Certification Exam.

With these information in hand a PMP® Aspirant will be in a strong position and have a clear scope as to what will be required to Pass the PMP® Exam in the very first attempt and within 45 days.

Students completing the course will have a 45 days Plan to Pass the PMP® Exam in the very first attempt and within 45 days.

Also students get a downloadable and consolidated document of all the Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs which is the core of PMP® Certification Exam. (Source: Udemy)


Project Management Fundamentals (PMP)

Udemy / Learning Academy The Global Training Hub
In an ever changing Business world, with so many changes coming to the organizations in form of new Projects for updating the older systems, or creating new setups, it is imperative for the Organizations to have really good Project Managers who are capable of handling all the chaos.

Project Management is a key to an organization’s success for the very reason that every Project involves the cost element around , it needs resources , time , dollars and the expected returns attached to it. It at all any project fails because of the incompetency of the Manager, it is a setback not only to the concerned organization but also a setback to the image of the Project Manager.

In order to execute any project successfully, it is imperative that the responsible Project Manager is able to determine the exact schedule of his projects and the resources allocated to the project. If the methodology of the execution of project is not effective then can be a huge failure for the organization because costs would shoot up, the resources might be allocated to some other task and obviously time would be over-shot. (Source: Udemy)


Project Management Professional(PMP) Certification Exam Prep

Udemy / GreyCampus Inc.
To crack the PMP certification exam, professionals require a great deal of commitment and thorough preparation regardless of the experience and education. To prepare for this exam, one needs quality course material developed by PMI Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s) . PMI R.E.P’s are accredited training organizations and are approved by PMI to offer project management training and provide quality education to professionals. Special Offer : Get this course at just $10. Use coupon code “FEBPMP10” (Just 500 coupons available on first come first serve basis)

We are a global Registered Education Provider (R.E.P. ID 3871) of PMI, USA. Our Course is developed by Dr. Derrick J .Walter who has over 25+ years experience in project management. This course provides tailor made PMP study materials and the best practices to prepare for the PMP Exam. The course also gives you a quick start and helps you grasp the various project management concepts, terminology, formulae and other key inputs needed to get ready for the PMP exam. Along with the course material, you will get the35 Contact hours certificate which is necessary for you to be eligible for the PMP exam. (Source: Udemy)