Intern - Immediate Office of the Registrar (19278), The Hague

  • ICC - International Criminal Court 
  • The Hague, Netherlands
  • Mar 12, 2020
Intern ICC - International Criminal Court

Job Description

Organisational Context

The Registrar is the principal administrative officer of the Court, elected by an absolute majority of judges for a term of five years, and is responsible for the non-judicial aspects of the administration and servicing of the Court. This implies providing management and judicial support services to the Court, as well as dealing with those aspects of external affairs and field operations falling within the purview of the Registry. The three divisional Directors support the Registrar through the Registry Management Team in ensuring that the Registry fulfils its tasks effectively and efficiently.

The Immediate Office of the Registrar (IOR) supports the Registrar in setting the Registry’s strategic objectives, overseeing inter-organ relations as well as in enhancing internal communication and driving the development of Court-wide policies. The IOR team also acts as the operational focal point for the Registry’s Divisions. As such, the IOR plays a key role in a number of areas, including the preparation of the Court’s budget, addressing staff related issues and facilitating the conclusion of witness relocation agreements.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conduct background research on a wide variety of matters to support the work of the Registrar;
  • Draft minutes of Registry, Hague Working Group, inter-Organ and other meetings;
  • Draft letters, speaking points, speeches and other documents for the Registrar;
  • Assist in drafting legal and policy memoranda, reports and analyses on assigned topics;
  • Assist in updating and producing content for the IOR intranet site;
  • Perform any other duties as required.


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