Visiting Professional - Trust Fund for Victims (Monitoring & Evaluation and Research), The Hague

  • ICC - International Criminal Court 
  • The Hague, Netherlands
  • Mar 12, 2020
Entry-level ICC - International Criminal Court

Job Description

Organisational Context

The Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) was created by the Rome Statute (Art 79). It is governed by a Board of Directors, elected every three years by the Assembly of States Parties. The Board is supported by a Secretariat, which carries out the daily management of the TFV’s activities.

The TFV has been entrusted by the Assembly with two main mandates: (i) to implement Court-ordered reparations to victims; and (ii) to provide assistance (physical and psychological rehabilitation and material support) to victims and their families in ICC situation.

The mission of the TFV is to respond to the harm resulting from the crimes under the jurisdiction of the Court by ensuring the rights of victims and their families through the provision of reparations and assistance.

The strategic goals of the TFV aim to:

  1. Ensure reparative justice for victims to overcome their harm and transform their lives
  2. Facilitate assistance and reparations by ensuring financial growth and sustainability
  3. Advocate for the rights of victims in the international public domain
  4. Ensure good governance, accountability and transparency by creating an effective organisational structure

Whenever appropriate and feasible in the operation of its mandates, the TFV acts as a grant-making mechanism to locally based implementing partners. According to the TFV Regulations, the TFV receives administrative support from the Registry. In as far as not determined by the TFV Regulations, the TFV’s financial-administrative practice complies with the Court’s relevant regulatory provisions.


Duties and Responsibilities

Assist the TFV with the following tasks, under the supervision of the Programme Monitoring & Evaluation Officer:

  • Assist in reviewing both quarterly  and annual programme reports generated from assistance and reparation implementation including gathering data for specific requests;
  • Assist in preparing donor reports on activities implemented by the Trust Fund as well as any other ad-hoc reports;
  • Contribute to the development of the Monitoring and Evaluation capacity building tool kits;
  • Participate in the development of TFV evaluation/ research agenda
  • Contribute to the design and  development of evaluation SOW’s
  • Contribute to make the Perfomance Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (PMP) and indicator defitions booklet up to date
  • Assit in the  roll out of the Management Information System (MIS)
  • Contribute to the gender gap analysis to inform programme implementation 
  • Contribute to ongoing situation assesments: data analysis, reviewing reports etc
  • Liaise with legal and   programme staff at HQ and in the field;
  • Prepare  market surveys of available services/infrastructure in the affected areas;
  • Participate in programme reviews and design;
  • Contribute /conduct secondary data analysis in situation countries; 
  • Assist with the preparation of Expressions of Interests and Requests for Proposals and liaise with any relevant section of the Court to finalize the procedures;
  • Assist with the review of the applications submitted by prospective implementing partners;
  • Assist in bringing  the TFV Monitoring & Evalauation System  up to date. 


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