Intern - Chambers (19340), The Hague

  • ICC - International Criminal Court 
  • The Hague, Netherlands
  • Mar 12, 2020
Intern ICC - International Criminal Court

Job Description

Organisational Context

Chambers, comprising of the three judicial divisions (Appeals Division, Trial Division and Pre-Trial Division), is in charge of judicial proceedings for crimes under the jurisdiction of the Court. The judicial functions of Chambers involve issuing decisions or orders, whether written or oral, responding to motions filed by the parties and participants, the holding of status conferences and hearings, the analysis of evidence. In addition, Judges in the Appeals, Trial and Pre-Trial Divisions are in charge of proposing amendments to the Rules of Procedure and Evidence and to the Elements of Crimes, as well as of adopting the Regulations of the Court and any amendments thereto.


Duties and Responsibilities

Typical duties and responsibilities of interns are:

  • Conduct in-depth legal research and analysis of questions of international criminal law, public international law, international humanitarian law, human rights law as well as relevant international and national legal materials for reference and background
  • Provision of legal advice on the interpretation and application of the Court’s documents
  • Summary of evidence material; preparation of summaries of submissions and decisions
  • Preparation of legal memoranda, observations of Court proceedings. 


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