Visiting Professional - Public Information and Outreach Section, Registry (19698)

  • ICC - International Criminal Court 
  • The Hague, Netherlands
  • Mar 17, 2020
Mid-level ICC - International Criminal Court

Job Description

Background :

The funded visiting professional opportunity provides work placements in the ICC for a minimum period of three months and maximum period of six months for visiting professionals.

Working within the ICC as a visiting professional provides valuable experience of a multi-cultural working environment and enables familiarisation with the operational procedures of decision-making at an international level.

The visiting professional programme is mutually beneficial, with the organisation profiting from the insight and industry of interested professionals and the  visiting professional furthering their education or experience in a practical and relevant context.

Those organs, sections and units of the ICC seeking visiting professionals have designated a number of projects for visiting professionals to pursue during their time with the organisation. The ICC will ensure that supervision and assistance is readily available.

The conditions and procedures for the selection of candidates are subject to the provisions of administrative instructions regulating the visiting professional programme, ICC/AI/2017/005. 


Organisational Context :

Within the Registry and under the direct supervision of the Director of the Division of External Operations, the Public Information and Outreach Section (PIOS) ensures that the proceedings are accessible to the public, raises awareness, and promotes an understanding about the Court’s mandate and activities with the ultimate goal of getting support. It does so in relation to a number of target audiences, including global audiences, mainly encompassing international press and media, victims and communities affected by crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court; and key stakeholders such as legal communities, academics and non-governmental organisations.  PIOS achieves its objectives through the use of a variety of communication means including granting interviews to media, production of press releases and other publications and audio visual materials as well as through the website and new social media platforms. PIOS also organises campaigns and is responsible for the organisation of events and visits ranging from general groups to high profile visitors.


Duties and Responsibilities :

Project support :

  • Support for major projects in the communications team such as exhibits, visitor centre updates and improvements, academic programme, social media campaigns and/or Outreach projects including drafting content for the Outreach webpage and annual report, and support developing the Outreach database and manuals. 

Media monitoring:

  • Monitoring media and formatting the ICC Daily Press Review, featuring news articles relevant to developments in the ICC’s situation countries, as well as media coverage of the Court’s activities and proceedings (in English and French)

Website and social media:

  • Monitoring social media
  • Support new website/social media projects, assisting in designing infographics and visuals and/or or drafting content
  • Assist with photography projects including inserting metadata, compiling selected photos for specific themes and projects, assist in securing permission to use external photographs
  • Assist with uploading archive of videos onto our server and insert metadata into photographs

General assistance :

  • Help maintain the PAU mailing list
  • Assisting journalists at the Court’s Information Desk during key public hearings, providing them with badges to access the media centre and other practical information
  • Escorting visitors and arranging meetings when necessary
  • Take notes at specific meetings


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