Intern - Risk Management and Internal Controls, Geneva

  • UNOG - United Nations Office at Geneva 
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Aug 26, 2020
Intern UNOG - United Nations Office at Geneva

Job Description

Org. Setting and Reporting

The United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) serves as the representative office of the Secretary-General at Geneva. A focal point for multilateral diplomacy, UNOG is one of the biggest duty stations outside of United Nations headquarters in New York. The Office provides financial and administrative support services to more than 20 Geneva-based UN Secretariat organizations/departments. This position is located in UNOG Division of Administration, Financial Resources Management Service, Finance Section. The Section acts as a focal point for Internal Controls and Risk Management. The duration of the internship is for a minimum of three and a maximum of six months. The Internship is UNPAID and full-time. Interns work five days per week (40 hours) under the direct supervision of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Internal Control focal points and supports the planning, designing and implementation of the risk management and/or internal controls process for UNOG.


The position, which has clearly defined output requirements, includes, but is not limited to, the following responsibilities:
- Assist in updating a Risk Universe, Risk Dashboard, Residual Risk Heat Map, and other visualizations as necessary, following the UN Enterprise Risk Management Framework and Guide.
- Assist in reviewing and updating Risk Control Matrices and Flowcharts.
- Assist in monitoring of the implementation of Risk Treatment and Response plans defined for the top risks identified as priority.
- Provide support in designing and implementing qualitative and quantitative methodologies to assess and validate risks, including surveys, interviews, and workshops.
- Assist in organizing meetings and workshops with chiefs of organizational units within UNOG.
- Attend and summarize meeting notes.
- Draft written communications to disseminate information and/or request for comments and documentation to/from various stakeholders.
- Collect and compile risk and internal controls information for the Division using spreadsheets or other software applications as necessary.
- Provide support in accounting and financial reporting tasks.
- Providing administrative support on an as-needed basis.

Upon completion of the assignment the successful candidate will have gained:
- Knowledge of the application of risk assessment processes and implementation of statement of internal controls in an UN environment.
- Better appreciation of current and emerging risk management issues within the UN Secretariat.
- Improved analytical skills in the areas of risk assessment and management.
- Improved communication skills through interactions with UNOG staff and managers.
- A better understanding of the UNOG operations.


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