2020 YPP Exam - Management & Administration, P2, New York & other duty stations

  • DOS - Department of Operational Support
  • New York, NY, USA
  • Sep 02, 2020
Entry-level DOS - Department of Operational Support

Job Description

Org. Setting and Reporting

These positions are located primarily in the Department of Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance (DMSPC) and the Department of Operational Support (DOS) in NY HQ, the Divisions of Administration at Offices Away from Headquarters, similar Services/Sections in Offices in the Field, or any Office in need of one of the included profiles. Associate Officers typically report to a senior officer, i.e. a unit chief or section chief.


The Young Professionals Programme examination in Management and Administration covers a range of positions in the areas of human resources management, general administration and management, accounting, payroll/accounts payable, finance, budget, procurement, audit, investigation, evaluation and management analysis, analytics and business intelligence, and programme Management.

Some of the key responsibilities of an Associate Officer in Management and Administration would be (These duties are generic and may not be carried out by all Management and Administration Associate Officers):
• Human Resources Management: assist in the development of strategies; align priorities; provide information; formulate policies; and carry out programmes in the full range of human resources management issues, covering recruitment, learning, benefits and entitlements, performance management, staff administration and wellbeing.
• General administration and management: provide support on management and maintenance of physical facilities, equipment, and communication and transportation systems.
• Accounting: review, approve, reconcile and process a range of accounting transactions on a regular and recurring basis; approve/confirm that proposed commitments or expenses for goods and services, as well as those pertaining to personnel, are in accordance with the UN Financial Regulations and Rules, relevant appropriations and staffing tables and corresponding approved allotments; assist with the preparation of cash-flow statements for multiple accounts on a monthly basis ;
• Payroll/accounts payable: maintain payroll operations by following policies and procedures; administer and approve payroll payments in enterprise resource planning systems ; prepare summary reports of earnings and deductions; balance accounts by investigating and resolving payroll discrepancies; complete payments by verifying and approving vendor invoices; charge expenses to appropriate cost centers and record corresponding entries.
• Finance: review, analyse and assist in the finalization of budgets and resource justification of project proposals, ensuring compliance with the financial policies, procedures, rules and regulations of the United Nations; check monthly/quarterly and yearly mission accounts, accounts receivables and payables for submission to UN Headquarters; review and reconcile various clearing accounts and investigate erroneous/invalid entries to take appropriate corrective accounting action; record bank charges, revaluation, exchange rates between the bank and UN rates and other transactions; perform bank reconciliation on a daily basis.
• Budget: forecast resource requirements and prepare and monitor budgets for departments and offices; analyse expenditures and give recommendations on appropriation of funds and optimal utilization of resources.
• Procurement: plan procurement action, review and analyse requirements; identify potential sources of supply; conduct due diligence review of suppliers' capability and qualification; solicit and evaluate bids, proposals and quotations to ensure overall competitiveness and conformity to specified requirements; authorise purchases in line with delegated authority or recommend approval of awards in accordance with the Financial Regulations and Rules, established policy and procedures; participate in negotiations and prepare a variety of reports, correspondences and documents on procurement related matters.
• Audit: document, evaluate and test systems, and control to determine their adequacy and effectiveness with respect to compliance with policies and procedures, accomplishment of management's objectives, reliability and integrity of information, economic use of resources, and safeguarding of assets.
• Investigation: participate in investigation of cases of alleged misconduct, malfeasance, mismanagement, waste of resources, abuse of authority or violations of UN Rules
• Evaluation and management analysis: assist in the review of the relevance, efficiency, and effectiveness of Organizational programmes, and provide recommendations on structures, processes and management systems
• Analytics and Business Intelligence: use different data warehouse, reporting and analytical tools to create reports from multiple sources, and support decision-making across the organisation; manage data transactions, run queries and ensure timely data retrieval; investigate and solve specific reporting and data issues.
• Programme Management: participate in the analysis, planning, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and activities of the organization.
• Performs other related duties as required.


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