Economic Affairs Officer, P3, Addis Ababa

  • UNECA - Economic Commission for Africa 
  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Sep 03, 2020
Mid-level UNECA - Economic Commission for Africa

Job Description

Org. Setting and Reporting

ECA’s mission is to deliver ideas and actions for an empowered and transformed Africa; informed by the 2030 SDGs and Agenda 2063.

The mission is guided by ECA’s five new strategic directions which are: advancing ECA’s position as a premier knowledge institution that builds on its unique position and privilege to bring global solutions to the continent’s problems and take local solution to the continent; developing macroeconomic and structural policy options to accelerate economic diversification and job creation; designing and implementing innovative financing models for infrastructure, and for human, physical and social assets for a transforming Africa; contributing solutions to regional and transboundary challenges, with a focus on peace security and social inclusion as an important development nexus; advocating Africa’s position at the global level and developing regional responses as a contribution to global governance issues.

Private Sector Development and Finance Division

The Private Sector Development and Finance Division (PSDFD) is headed by a Director and reports to the Deputy Executive Secretary (Programme). The Division is responsible for supporting member States in their endeavour to achieve sustained economic growth and transformation through leveraging the role and resources of the private sector with an emphasis, improving the business environment, increasing private sector investment in agriculture, infrastructure, energy and services (technology), and promoting innovative financing models. It is divided into three sections: Agriculture and Business Enabling Environment; Energy, Infrastructure and Services; and Innovative Finance and Capital Markets.

The core functions of the Division are as follows:
(a) Assisting member States in designing and implementing policies and strategies to improve the business environment on agriculture and land-related policies;
(b) Assisting member States in designing and implementing policies and strategies that promote innovative financing for developing capital markets to support private sector development and attract investment;
(c) Contributing to the establishment and implementation of policies and programmes aimed at increasing private sector investment in infrastructure, energy and services, leading to improved infrastructure, job creation and economic growth;
(d) Improving the enabling environment for business, harmonizing regulation and advocating in favour of Africa’s private sector at the national, regional and global levels;
(e) Working with Governments to ensure that the basic infrastructure to boost the competitiveness of the private sector and the necessary energy, infrastructure and services are in place and are efficient, affordable and sufficiently well-structured to attract the private sector;
(f) Deepening the financing architecture and the development of capital markets to increase savings and investments pools and mobilize more investment capital;
(g) Producing evidence-based policy research to support the efforts of member States to further the development of small and medium-sized enterprises;
(h) Promoting agricultural transformation through the development of knowledge products on smart and sustainable agriculture and regional agricultural value chains;
(i) Creating regulatory frameworks for standardized infrastructure markets in the areas of energy, transport, and information and communications technology;
(j) Developing regional platforms for financing Africa’s development through innovative tools.

This post is located in the Innovative Finance & Capital Market Section, Private Sector Development and Finance Division (PSDFD) of the Economic Commission for Africa in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Under the direct supervision of the Chief of Innovative Finance & Capital Market Section (IFCMS), the incumbent is responsible for the following duties:


Within delegated authority, the duties of an Economic Affairs Officer are likely to fall mainly into one of the three functional areas identified below.

Economic or sector analysis
• Develops socio-economic databases and qualitative information on current issues related to the initiatives and activities of the Innovative Finance and Capital Market Section including assessment of markets, investment opportunities and the competitiveness of African countries, and policies and regulations for developing and deepening capital markets;
• Interprets, applies and, as necessary, adapts economic and financial intelligence tools to determine market trends, patterns and relationships and to analyse the effects of innovative finance and impact investment;
• Drafts specified inputs for technical papers and analytical studies on selected global, regional, national or sector aspects of private sector development and financial deepening;
• Identifies and analyses policy proposals and initiatives that deepen and expand national and regional capital markets, including those that promote domestic debt and equity markets and increase private sector engagement in areas such as infrastructure, housing and real sector financing;
• Represents UNECA in international, regional, and national meetings to collect information on innovative finance and capital markets related issues and to hold discussions with colleagues in other institutions;
• Assists in the organization and servicing of expert group meetings, seminars, etc. on development issues;
• Prepares speeches and other inputs for presentations by senior staff;

Intergovernmental support
• Prepares inputs for reports to intergovernmental bodies; national, regional and global financial and non-financial institutions, regional commissions, Economic and Social Council;
• Follows intergovernmental meetings and investors forums and prepares summary reports;
• Prepares inputs to statements by members of the Division/Section and Secretariat senior staff to such meetings;
• Assists in the organization of panels, round tables etc. on private sector development, innovative finance and capital markets issues for intergovernmental processes;

Technical cooperation
• Assist the Innovative Finance and Capital Markets Section (IFCMS) team and other sections of the Private Sector Development and Finance Division (PSDFD) in mobilizing internal and partner resources (extra-budgetary resources, grants, and joint-funded activities) to finance non-recurrent activities of the sections of PSDFD and overall ECA engagement with private sector;
• Participates in missions on development issues, usually as a member of a team;
• Organizes training seminars for national experts;
• Prepares documentation for technical cooperation programmes and projects;
• Contributes to the preparation of material for the approval of regional, country or sector technical cooperation projects;
• Monitors, backstops and assesses the implementation of technical cooperation programmes and projects;

• Performs other related duties as required, including a variety of administrative tasks necessary for the final delivery of the work unit’s services.
• Undertakes on-the-job and other training activities, both internally and externally.

Work implies frequent interaction with the following:
Colleagues and senior staff within immediate work unit and peers in the broader organizational unit.
Middle level officials of UN agencies, regional and global development banks and other international organizations.
Government officials, private sector, academics and other members of civil society.


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