National Professional Officer (HIV and hepatitis), NOB, Kiev

  • WHO - World Health Organization
  • Kiev, Ukraine
  • Nov 13, 2020
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Job Description


The Division of Country Health Programmes (CHP) assists country efforts to reduce the burden of non-communicable and communicable diseases and address the social,economic and environmental determinants of health, and promotes policies and actions for health through stewardship of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network. It focuses on health promotion measures; prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases, including cancers, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes, and risks related to tobacco use, physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, and the harmful use of alcohol; communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and hepatitis, and vector-borne and neglected tropical diseases; elimination and control of vaccine-preventable diseases and advocacy for increased use of vaccines; containing and controlling antimicrobial resistance; addressing existing and emerging environmental health risks, and supporting violence and injury prevention. A determination to ensure universal access to people-centred quality health services across the continuum of care is matched by enriching the evidence base for policy design and interventions using social, cultural and behavioural approaches, to drive implementation of innovation at national, regional and local levels.



The incumbent will provide technical assistance in HIV and hepatitis prevention, diagnosis and treatment to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, Centre for Public Health and the National HIV and Hepatitis Programmes, with the overall aim to end HIV and hepatitis in Ukraine within the framework of the Biennial Collaborative Agreement (BCA) between the WHO Regional Office for Europe and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Health 2020 European health policy framework and the WHO Global Health Sector Strategies for HIV/AIDS and for Hepatitis.

Key duties:

1. Provide technical assistance and support to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, Ukrainian Centre for Public Health and other national bodies on the prevention, treatment and control of HIV and viral hepatitis;

2. Provide technical support to facilitate development and implementation of a national strategies, national guidelines and tools in line with global and regional consolidated guidance for HIV and viral hepatitis;

3. Support efforts to strengthen HIV and viral hepatitis surveillance, monitoring and evaluation systems in line with existing regional surveillance networks;

4. Support efforts to strengthen country capacity to generate and systematically use HIV and viral hepatitis strategic information through national information systems and routine programme monitoring in line with global norms and standards;

5. Support efforts to strengthen country capacity to provide key HIV and viral hepatitis interventions through training using adapted manuals, tools and curricula and support the dissemination, adaptation and implementation of global guidelines on HIV and viral hepatitis prevention, diagnosis, care and treatment;

6. Support efforts to map HIV and viral hepatitis technical assistance needs and facilitate provision of high quality technical assistance for TB programme management governance, implementation and resource mobilisation;

7. Provide technical assistance, capacity building and training, and coordination of planning, implementation and evaluation of activities in line with the approved work plan of HIV and viral hepatitis area of work (within the communicable disease workplan), BCAs, the Health2020 European Health policy framework, Global Fund and other collaborative agreements;

8. Support the development and implementation of national strategies and action plans aligned with global and regional HIV and viral hepatitis strategies, Global fund and other collaborative agreements;

9. Contribute to documenting the implementation of the WHO European response to HIV and viral hepatitis with regard to reducing vulnerability and removing structural barriers and the related priority areas of intervention, related targets and relevant indicators defined by global and regional strategies, the Strategic Development Goals and the Health2020 European Health policy framework;

10. Promote WHO policies, practices and integrated service delivery approaches to promote equitable access to HIV and viral hepatitis prevention, diagnosis, care and treatment;

11. Support policy dialogue, technical assistance and capacity building for national HIV and viral hepatitis programmes;

12. Provide technical support to strengthen civil society in their responses to scaling up HIV and viral hepatitis treatment and to vulnerability and structural barriers to accessing communicable disease services;

13. Identify, document and advance international best practices in HIV and viral hepatitis treatment and prevention and related policy, strategy and research relevant to Ukraine;

14. Contribute to the work of the WHO country office related to ensuring access to quality communicable disease prevention and treatment to all in need particularly in the conflict affected areas and including internally displaced persons, marginalized people and those in the penitentiary system;

15. Ensure timely reporting of HIV and viral hepatitis related activities within country workplans through Medical Officer to WR Head of Country Office and Regional Office;

16. Prepare reports to donors on HIV and viral hepatitis programme/project implementation;

17. Organize and support national and international HIV and viral hepatitis consultancies and country missions;

18. Contribute to regular HIV and viral hepatitis monitoring and assessment performance through evaluation and reporting;19. Perform other duties as designated by the supervisor withinthe technical scope of the position.

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