Staff Counsellor, P3, Geneva

  • ITU - International Telecommunication Union 
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Nov 13, 2020
Mid-level ITU - International Telecommunication Union

Job Description

Organization Unit

Within the General Secretariat, the Human Resources Management Department (HRMD) advises the Secretary General on human resources management. It manages ITU's resources ensuring consistency with ITU strategies, policies, regulations and rules as well as UN Common System policies. It efficiently manages the human capital of the Union; creates a stimulating and supportive work environment and encourages organizational creativity and performance measurement based on results.


Duties / Responsibilities

Under the direction of the Chief, Human Resources Management Department (HRMD), the incumbent is responsible for managing the Staff Counselling Office serving ITU aiming to promote psychological safety and wellbeing in the workplace, and managing the human impact in critical incidents. The service is strictly confidential, and maintains a neutral, impartial, and independent stance from Administration and other internal bodies. To this end the incumbent will perform the following duties:
Provide advice and recommendations to staff on psychological and wellbeing issues in the workplace which adversely affect job performance and productivity. Conduct individual and/or group psychological, counselling, and coaching sessions for staff facing work-related or personal challenges triggering psychological distress. Initiate and coordinate, as necessary with the Medical Adviser, specialized referrals, externally and internally, to ensure comprehensive care.
Provide advice and recommendations to managers at all levels on issues affecting their team or team members at the individual level.
Contribute to the elaboration of policies, the development of systems and training programs, and propose methods of intervention in areas of staff wellbeing with the aim of creating and maintaining a respectful and healthy working environment and improving team dynamics; collaborate in these areas with all internal key stakeholders (e.g. the Ethics Officer, the Medical Service, HR Management Department, Legal Affairs Unit, Staff Council and the mediators) to promote a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach for greater efficiency of issue resolutions.
Develop with HRMD and Medical Services segments of the corporate Mental Health Strategy- promoting prevention and early intervention of psychosocial support, recovery, return to work.
Develop communication tools in coordination with other stakeholders to facilitate access and visibility of procedures and frontline services in the area of well-being at the workplace.
Evaluate, plan, and implement critical incident interventions to mitigate the psychological impact and promote recovery. Coordinate with key counterparts, internal or external (UNDSS-CISMU, other UN Staff Counsellors) for efficient implementation of support at HQ, at community level and in the field. Initiate specialized referrals to mitigate traumatic impact of the critical incident and promote business continuity.
Research and provide information in response to social services inquiries by staff and retirees, directing them to relevant resources available in the Geneva-area (schools, housing, social security, etc.). Liaise and refer internally for requests pertaining to ITU issues (Insurance, Pensions, work permits etc.). Provide targeted sessions on the topic of retirement upon request for individuals and in connection to the Pre-retirement Seminars for ITU staff.
Collaborate closely with other UN Staff Counselling entities - UNDSS-CISMU and UNSSCG, by taking part in research and inputs on technical and professional knowledge, exchange on best practices and procedures.
Perform other related duties as assigned.

Organization type

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